A mentor by any other name?

February 6, 2009

So in the industry we’re in, alot of words get tossed around all meant to be newer and fancier ways of describing the same thing.

So, you want to start a new business/endeavor and you know you’re going to be needing help right? Afterall, you don’t want to slog away drudging through all of that trial and error and mess all by your lonesome. That could take YEARS before you get it right, if ever. And you don’t have that kind of time. You need that executive level lifestyle NOW.

So what’ll you do?

Hire a consultant?

A Coach?

A Mentor?

The word consultant gets thrown around alot. Too much in my opinion. Bottom line, if you have a multi-million dollar manufacturing operation with a quarter million net, then you need an efficiency consultant to raise up to 300k+. If you have an offline brick-and-mortar business with 2 or more locations, a strong local following and a less than impressive web presence, you need an online marketing conultant.

Bottom line, consultants serve as a fresh pair of eyes on an old problem meant to improve and refine an existing system. So, if you’re just now starting a business, you probably don’t need a consultant…

So a coach then? No not really.  Coaches are about strategy, and practice and training and preparedness. Highschool football anyone? 10 games, 90+ practices. Coaching is about training. That’s why I never understood the term success coach. You don’t prepare for success, othwerwise you’ll be preparing for a lifetime. You actively participate in success as an ongoing process.

So, if you want to be doing link-building drills, or email creating bootcamps preparing for the “big-game” till the cows come home, then yes, you need a coach.

Otherwise, the word you’re looking for is Mentor.

The only objective of a real mentor is to get his/her student to a comparable level of success as quickly as possible through the application of real-world techniques, hard won experience, and testable, replicable methods that have been proven to work through the mentor’s own experience.

You see, creating a six-figure income on-line isn’t an event, it’s an on going and evolving process. And when you have yourself armed with an experienced mentor at your back , what you have is a reliable source of information for tapping in to the cumulative knowledge and experience of those who have done it before you, those that are doing it now, and those that, with you, will experience success well into the future.

Comments? Critiques? Criticisms?

Let me know



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