The industry as we know it today has developed dramatically.  With that growth, came decreased quality & professionalism.  Where there was once a genuine focus to help people, greed, & an era of non-accountability has taken precedence.  Sterling was developed based on the premise that the MODEL itself is solid & that with the right ownership, leadership, & goals people can be guided through great levels of success.

We are here, on a public forum, because we want you to know our true intentions and ensure they’re backed up by actions.  We want you to know why we’re doing this.   We are recognizing the shortcomings of the industry & thereby demonstrating that we are the leaders in changing the status quo.  While we admit that it will remaine imperfect, we also have proven that in comparison to all other competitors, our service quality is simply unsurpassed.

WE ARE LITERALLY THE ONLY COMPANY, IN THE INDUSTRY, WHO HAS THE GUTS TO BE THIS TRANSPARENT.  So, give us a little benefit of the doubt and some understanding of what we’re up against.  Lets make this a successful venture for all parties.

I am the CEO of Sterling Business Group & other Sterling corporations.  Our firm focuses on many aspects of Internet business, trading, real estate, financial restructuring, ect.  The majority of what we do takes place at the Business to Business level, whereby we consult and partner with large corporate groups or, in the case of the Internet, Gurus.  Due to the reality that the scope of the particular area of business, within this blog, is only one of many intricate parts, I am unable to consistently interact as much as I’d like to with clients.  Nevertheless, I see the validity in addressing these issues & want for us to reach out to you, whether it be addressing complaints or successes.  Therefore, I have instructed some of our best people to communicate the truth & to do so without reservation, in these discussions.  I welcome your involvement in this campaign, as long as it is focused on constructive thought.

I hope to inform you.  I hope to challenge you.  I hope to engage you.


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